Spotlight: WIDA Global Community of Practice Community Gardeners

Learn more about our “Community Gardeners,” an integral part of the WIDA Global Community of Practice.

Community Gardeners are an integral part of the WIDA Global Community of Practice, a brand-new, year-long professional learning opportunity. Our Community Gardeners are a group of experienced international educators committed to supporting the Community of Practice and engaging with participants through discussion boards and synchronous events. They are classroom teachers, coordinators and school administrators serving multilingual students, their families and their teachers in international schools around the world.

While serving in this important leadership role in the WIDA Global Community of Practice, Community Gardeners also benefit from engaging in professional learning. For example, they provide feedback on new WIDA resources before they are publicly available, as well as connect with WIDA scholars on new research happening in the field.

In the upcoming months, we will feature Community Gardeners in our newsletter spotlight. As you learn more about these amazing educators, you might also want to consider whether you would like to apply to be a Community Gardener for the 2022-2023 WIDA Global Community of Practice. Applications will open in June 2022.

2021-2022 Community Gardeners

Alexandra Gustad, India
Anita Pusztay, South Korea
Ceci Gomez-Galvez, Vietnam
Glau Serralvo, Germany
Julie Facine, United States
Keisha La Beach, China
Marija Buralieva, North Macedonia
Mats Haaland, China
Matt Hajdun, Colombia
Maura Herrera, Guatemala
Mirela Matesan, South Korea
Mirjam Strauss-Paris, Germany
Molly Wellner, South Korea
Samantha Olson-Wyman, Guatemala
Stephanie Drynan, Qatar
Tikva Chofi, Congo

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