Make sure your WIDA International Secure Portal account is active and up to date! 

Why do I need a Secure Portal account?

Users with a WIDA International Secure Portal account have access to WIDA training courses, eLearning modules, and other members-only resources. All member schools in the WIDA International School Consortium have access to the International Secure Portal.

What if I've forgotten my password? 

If you have forgotten your password, email Bethany at the WIDA Store. She will assist you in accessing this information.

Are you moving to a new school or new position?

Be sure to update your email address so that you will continue to receive the WIDA International Newsletter and other WIDA announcements. You will also need to update your password information to reflect your new school.

Keep your school membership current.

Look for membership renewal emails when your school membership is nearing expiration. Because international teachers move often, it is a good idea to check your school’s account and be sure the school contact information is current. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take advantage of your membership resources.