With the 2020-21 school year taking shape – as different as it may be – WIDA wants to support those involved in using our assessments.

Prepare the test space  

  • Use sanitizing wipes or cleaner to clean the test area in between students.
  • Have a bottle of hand sanitizer, or access to a sink and soap, for you and the student to use.  
  • When applicable, encourage students to bring their own pencil, or keep separate containers, one for unused and one for used pencils.

Get creative

  • When using assessments with student manipulatives, consider putting the individual cards in small plastic bags, wrapping in plastic wrap, laminating them—anything that is easily discarded or washed between students.  
  • Put paper items that will be used by more than one student in clear binder sleeves. This will make it easier to clean or change between students.

Make sure testing counts

  • Keep in mind that WIDA does not support the remote administration of our assessments—except WIDA Remote Screener.
  • When capturing student speaking responses, it is important for the test administrator to confirm that the audio is being recorded by the device and that the student is speaking clearly into the microphone. To determine whether students in your classroom should wear a mask during audio recording, refer to your local policy.
  • WIDA recommends that you do not allow students to take any internet-connected devices, such as cell phones, smartwatches or Bluetooth headsets, into the testing room. Copied or plagiarized responses can result in a student’s score being invalidated.

Stay informed

  • WIDA is here to support educators, multilingual children and their families during this difficult time, and always. We will continue to populate the COVID-19 Response and Updates webpage, which houses resources for the WIDA community.
  • We have a new Distance Teaching and Learning webpage, which features resources for educators in providing remote instruction to multilingual learners. 

Learn more

Have questions about WIDA assessments? Connect with the WIDA Client Services Center at international@wida.us.

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