Use WIDA MODEL to address immediate learning needs of multilingual learners

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As more schools begin to reopen and multilingual learners return to the classroom, educators will undoubtedly need reliable data to immediately address the learning needs of students. WIDA MODEL is a flexible, on-demand interim language proficiency assessment that can be administered any time during the school year. WIDA MODEL provides educators with immediate English language proficiency level scores that can be used to inform instructional planning and other decisions related to students’ education.

WIDA Assessment Best Practices During COVID-19 for WIDA MODEL* is a WIDA resource designed to support test coordinators and test administrators administering WIDA MODEL during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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*The guidance in this document reflects WIDA’s analysis of current best practices. It is not medical advice, and it does not replace or amend any guidance provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or your local health authority. Remember to always adhere to health and safety requirements within your school.