WIDA accessibility and accommodations resources

Are you looking for WIDA accessibility and accommodations resources? Look no further than this “listicle,” which points you to accessibility and accommodations information for WIDA assessments. Plus, we share relevant WIDA research and how to stay in the know on this important topic.

1. Find accessibility and accommodations info for WIDA assessments

WIDA Screener and Kindergarten W-APT

Pro tip: If you’re not sure where to begin, start by reviewing the WIDA Accessibility and Accommodations Manual. This manual goes through accessibility supports and accommodations for ACCESS for ELLs and WIDA Screener testing.

For WIDA Screener Paper-specific information, there are two resources to refer to:

For Kindergarten W-APT-specific information, refer to Appendix B: Accessibility and Accommodations in the Kindergarten W-APT Test Administration Manual located in the WIDA International Secure Portal.


For WIDA MODEL Online-specific information, refer to the WIDA MODEL Online Test Administrator Manual and the section on accessibility and accommodations. Find the manual in the WIDA MODEL Online Test Administrator Interface.

For WIDA MODEL Paper-specific information, refer to the WIDA MODEL Test Administrator Manual and the section on accessibility and accommodations. Find the manual in your WIDA MODEL Paper kit.
Students with disabilities holding a banner that says ‘WIDA’

2. Use WIDA research to gain insight on multilingual learners with disabilities

Advancing ALTELLA project

The Advancing ALTELLA project – a collaboration among WIDA staff, the WIDA Consortium, the Texas Education Agency and US experts – builds on the ALTELLA project and the past decade of research on assessing English learners and students with the most significant cognitive disabilities. Find more info on the following websites:

Not sure where to begin? Project staff suggest starting with these popular resources:

3. Stay connected with colleagues, experts and news about multilingual learners with disabilities