WIDA All Year Long: December

In August we introduced Mr. Vega, an English as an Additional Language (EAL) teacher and one of his multilingual students, Sophia, on a learning journey over the course of a school year. Find out what Mr. Vega is doing in December.

As the semester wraps up, Mr. Vega administers the WIDA MODEL online assessment to his students.   He then uses this information to updates the levels on the WIDA Can Do Student Portraits he created earlier this year.  To strengthen the connection with students and their families, Mr. Vega joins the parent-teacher conferences for his students and explains the Can Do Descriptors to parents, both celebrating success and preview language targets for the remainder of the school year. Finally, Mr. Vega continues his collaboration with the grade 6 team and reviews the results from the WIDA MODEL assessments and uses this time to update individual student goals and support for the next semester.

Be sure to visit WIDA All Year Long and join Mr. Vega throughout the school year.