WIDA Español releases Marco ALE

Check out Marco ALE, a Spanish language arts framework from WIDA. Available now are two Marco ALE documents — Aplicación para la actualización y desarrollo de estándares and Aplicación para la enseñanza.

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WIDA Español released Marco de referencia de las artes del lenguaje del español de WIDA (Marco ALE), a Spanish language arts framework, on September 28. Marco ALE is the first framework of its kind in the U.S. with potential applications in international schools that teach Spanish language arts. It provides the key elements for developing standards and teaching Spanish language arts in grades K-12.

Marco ALE guides the enhancement and development of the next iteration of Spanish language arts standards and instruction. It is grounded in current theory and practice, with considerations for the diversity of the Spanish language and the context within which it is taught — including bilingual settings in Spanish-speaking countries.

To develop Marco ALE, WIDA Español conducted a literature review of language arts, an analysis of Spanish language arts standards and related documents across six countries in the Americas, and consulted with expert researchers, policy makers and education administrators at the local and state level, and academic leaders in the field. Educators engaging with Marco ALE will see sample standards coming from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, and the U.S. As an outcome of the standards analysis, Marco ALE presents three ideologías orientadoras, seven prácticas de la disciplina, and four conceptos básicos that serve as the basis for Spanish language arts.

Available now

The following documents provide guidelines for the implementation of Marco ALE in Spanish language arts programs, while highlighting the linguistic and academic opportunities for bi/multilingual learners of Spanish. Both are written in Spanish with English summaries.

  • Marco ALE: Aplicación para la actualización y desarrollo de estándares. This document is for policymakers and educators responsible for developing, enhancing and aligning Spanish language arts standards to a school or network curriculum. Please note that the guidelines provided here may be used to align Spanish language arts curriculum to national standards in Spanish-speaking countries. View and download the PDF at no cost. Purchase a full-color, spiral-bound book from the WIDA Store.
  • Marco ALE: Aplicación para la enseñanza. This document is for teachers and others who provide direct instruction of Spanish language arts at the classroom level. In the document, you will find definitions, sample standards from across Latin America, lesson plans, mini-instruments, and questions for reflection. View and download a sample of the PDF at no cost. Purchase the complete full-color, spiral-bound book from the WIDA Store.

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