WIDA MODEL Online: New Content Coming Soon!

After more than two years' worth of dedicated effort, WIDA is ready to deliver new test item content for WIDA MODEL Online.

Timeline showing steps in WIDA MODEL 2020 release

Starting with the upcoming school year, WIDA MODEL Online will include a significant amount of refreshed content in each of the four language domains. Benefits of these changes include:

  • Increased rigor in test items, especially for the Reading and Speaking domains, with new test administrator scripts for the Speaking tests.
  • Test content and themes are accessible to students worldwide.
  • PowerPoint training files for scoring the Speaking and Writing tests have been enhanced to improve access and file compatibility.
  • Test administration procedures remain the same.

While the test questions posed to students have been renewed, the platform and format will look the same. Those of you already familiar with WIDA MODEL Online test administration will continue to administer the assessment the way you are familiar with.

WIDA MODEL supports educators as a flexible, on-demand assessment that is ready whenever you are. It can be purchased today and administered when appropriate. Because it’s scored locally, reports can be generated immediately to provide you with information about what your multilingual learners can do.

Learn more about WIDA MODEL or contact Allison Schweiger at allison@wceps.org to arrange for a complimentary trial of WIDA MODEL Online.