WIDA resources for the new school year

Use this collection of recommended WIDA resources to help you with the new school year.

WIDA All Year Long: Learn how WIDA is more than a test! Follow Mr. Vega all year long, as he focuses on what his students can do, using WIDA resources to collaborate and plan effective learning activities throughout the school year.

WIDA Virtual Institute: A comprehensive introduction to explore the WIDA Standards and Assessment System. Attending an institute is a first step in learning how WIDA resources work together to support multilingual students and their teachers.

WIDA Screener: An assessment to help with initial admissions/placement decisions. Recorded on paper, with electronic delivery components. Self-paced training available in the WIDA International Secure Portal (see below).

WIDA MODEL: An assessment to measure and monitor students’ progress over time

WIDA International School Consortium membership includes a library of training materials and other facilitator-led events to assist you:

  • Attend a free, one-hour guided walkthrough of how to navigate the WIDA MODEL Online Test Administrator Interface (TAI). Register now for one of these monthly sessions.
  • WIDA MODEL Online Test Administration webinar series: Please register for the series if you, or any of the test administrators in your school, are interested in participating.

WIDA Social Media

  • Follow WIDA on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and use #WIDAGlobal to contribute to the conversation about what multilingual learners can do.
  • Join the WIDA Educator Exchange Facebook group to exchange ideas, share resources, and engage in discussion to help multilingual learners succeed.

Assessment Planning

  • Review the Using WIDA Assessments template to help plan the assessment needs of your school.
  • Order your assessments from the WIDA Store and begin measuring what your students can do! Contact the WIDA Store at store@wceps.org with questions for determining the correct items and quantities to order.

WIDA International Secure Portal

This members-only hub includes resources such as an Introduction to WIDA PowerPoint to share with colleagues at your school and videos from conference presentations that feature WIDA experts on a variety of topics.

three students at a table working together

WIDA in Global Contexts

Learn how WIDA serves multilingual students, and how educators around the world use WIDA to improve teaching and learning.