Website Walkthrough

This video provides an overview of the information and resources found on the four key WIDA websites: the main WIDA site, the WIDA Secure Portal, the International Secure Portal, and WIDA AMS.


Thank you for your interest in this website walkthrough video that will offer some tips to help you find information and resources.

First, we’ll point out the kinds of information you can find in the four key WIDA websites, depending on your member account permissions: the public site at, the WIDA Secure Portal at, the International Secure Portal for our International School Consortium members, and the WIDA Assessment Management System, or WIDA-AMS, run by our vendor partner, DRC.

The WIDA Secure Portal is a one-stop-shop for details on WIDA assessment training and administration. This Portal is for WIDA Consortium members, including test administrators, technology coordinators, district test coordinators and SEAs. Here, you’ll find ACCESS and Screener training courses and test administrator manuals, as well as recorded webinars. The Secure Portal also serves as a gateway to the WIDA eLearning Center.

WIDA-AMS contains all assessment management materials, including technology guides, test demos and test tickets. This system is only used by WIDA Consortium members.

International School Consortium members use the International Secure Portal to find Screener Paper and MODEL training, as well as test administration resources.

The main public-facing website contains everything else related to our products and services, including the popular parent letters and can do name charts. You can find important state-specific resources on your member/state page, including the ACCESS for ELLs Checklist. You can open the main menus to find Screener and MODEL Score Calculators, Can Do Descriptors and Name Charts, and Professional Learning workshops.

We hope this video was helpful and encourage you to share with your colleagues. As always, if you have questions, please contact our Client Services Center representatives who are here to assist you in finding the resources you need.