Why Work at WIDA?

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When you work at WIDA

  • You are surrounded by talented professionals who value language and put children and educators first
  • You are led by a team of great leaders who are motivated by our mission, vision and values
  • You support WIDA to uphold our commitment to social justice and equity in education
  • You experience kindness and collaboration over competition
  • You are given space to ask questions, learn and grow

Need more convincing?

When you work at WIDA

  • You have the ability to work from home (sometimes or always, depending on your role) but our team environment will keep you connected to colleagues.
  • You have access to generous personal training and professional development funds. You can use these funds on things like books, memberships, coursework and conferences.
  • You are encouraged to practice work/life balance (this is for real – we really mean it!).

When you work at WIDA, you work at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, which means

  • You get ample paid time off for vacation, personal and legal holidays and sick leave.
  • You get great insurance coverage options, including health, dental, vision, life, disability and retirement.
  • You are a #badger – no matter where you're from, you're part of the UW community (love for cheese curds not required).
  • You leverage research and data to drive innovation.

Wondering what WIDA is?

Watch this intro video!

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"WIDA hires such a high caliber of people that learning and growing are an inevitable and consistent part of the job!" – Justine Kolb

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"I love the flexibility and compassion that WIDA offers to its employees. This organization has helped me to grow personally and professionally in so many ways." – Taylor Johnston

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