WIDA MODEL Paper is a paper-based, semi-adaptive English language proficiency assessment for students in grades 1-12. This assessment can be administered up to two times a year to monitor students’ progress. Scores from WIDA MODEL Paper can be used to predict student performance on ACCESS for ELLs.

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Grades 1-12
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WIDA MODEL Paper provides opportunities for students to demonstrate their English language proficiency in the four language domains: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Each of these domains is assessed separately. Tests are delivered face-to-face between test administrators and students. The Speaking and Listening tests are individually administered while the Reading and Writing tests may be administered individually or in small groups.

Test Administration Times

Times do not include convening students, material distribution, directions or embedded test practice.

Up to 25 minutes


Up to 30 minutes


Up to 15 minutes


Up to 30 minutes

100 minutes total test time

Test Administration

WIDA MODEL Paper test kits contain all materials necessary to train test administrators and to deliver the assessment, including:

  • A test administration manual that contains all the information needed to administer and score the test
  • A training USB that contains PowerPoint presentations that may be used to train test administrators, videos of a sample test administration, as well as additional resources.

The test administration materials in each kit are reusable. Additional student response booklets and score sheets are available for purchase at the WIDA Store.


Test Administrators use the WIDA MODEL Score Calculator to calculate students’ scores and generate score reports for WIDA MODEL Paper.

The WIDA MODEL Interpretive Guide for Score Reports Grades K-12 describes the scores reported for WIDA MODEL, including how to interpret scale scores and proficiency level scores.


Quick Start Guide for WIDA MODEL Paper

1. Learn your state or local requirements and confirm which WIDA MODEL format you’re administering.

Each member state or school chooses the type of WIDA assessment it uses to identify English learners or to monitor their progress. Find out what options are available to you.

Educators in WIDA Consortium member states should view their member/state page for state-specific information about WIDA MODEL, including the Identification and Placement Guidance document.

International/independent school educators should contact their site coordinator.

2. Visit the WIDA Store to purchase MODEL Paper.

WIDA MODEL Paper is sold as grade-level cluster kits. Your MODEL Paper test kit contains all materials needed for test administrator training and assessment delivery. The test administrator materials in each kit are reusable and the consumable parts (i.e. student response booklets) are available for purchase in the WIDA Store.

WIDA Store

3. Complete assessment training and review manuals.

Before giving the test, educators need to view the training materials provided in the kit, and review the test administration manual.

4. Get additional training from WIDA as needed.

WIDA offers an in-person WIDA MODEL Paper Test Administrator workshop. (Fees apply)

Learn More and Register

5. Administer the assessment.

Gather your pencils and materials and you’re ready to test. With thorough training and careful preparation, test administrators will be ready to deliver a reliable and positive testing experience.