Understanding What Students Can Do

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WIDA's asset-based approach to each student

The WIDA  Can Do Philosophy reflects the foundational belief that everyone brings valuable contributions to everything they do. Linguistically and culturally diverse learners, in particular, bring a unique set of assets that have the potential to enrich the experiences of all learners and educators.

Watch the brief video below for an overview of our philosophy, then read our two-page Can Do Philosophy brief to learn more about multilingual learners' assets, contributions and potential.

Video Transcript

As young children and students learn additional languages, educators can draw on their assets for the benefit of both the learners themselves and for everyone in the community. By focusing on what language learners can do, we send a powerful message that students from diverse backgrounds enrich our early childhood programs and K-12 schools. 

WIDA believes that multilingual students bring linguistic, cultural, experiential and social and emotional assets not only to the classroom but to the larger community as well. Some of these assets may be immediately contributed, while others represent future potential. Whenever possible, WIDA promotes the Can Do Philosophy beyond our organization and into the educational systems and organizations with whom we interact.

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Featured Educator

"One of my biggest goals is for people to not view bilingual students as having a deficiency, but rather as having a strength, or even something above and beyond what other kids have. It is an asset to be bilingual."


Erica Jimenez, Elementary Transitional Bilingual Education Resource Teacher
Hoffman Estates, Illinois

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Understand what multilingual learners can do at various stages of language development.

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Teaching with Standards

Tips on using WIDA English and Spanish Language Development Standards for planning and lesson delivery.

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Language for Learning

The language students need to participate and succeed in the classroom.

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Looking for In-Person Training?

Our Professional Learning team offers a Purposeful Lesson Planning for Language Learners workshop.