WIDA MODEL Online is an English language proficiency assessment for students in grades 1-12. As a flexible, on-demand assessment, this test can be administered at any time during the school year, depending on the needs of the district, school, teacher or student. Scores from WIDA MODEL Online can be used to predict student performance on ACCESS for ELLs.

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WIDA MODEL Online provides opportunities for students to demonstrate their English language proficiency in the four language domains: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Each of these domains is assessed separately. All four domain tests are delivered online and facilitated through the online test administration platform.

WIDA MODEL Online offers a number of advantages over the paper-based test:

  • Reduces the administration workload for test administrators and testing sites
  • Allows for larger group administrations of Listening, Writing and Reading tests
  • Eliminates the need for ordering and managing printed materials
  • Calculates scores automatically, and provides a variety of score reports

Test Administration Times

Times do not include convening students, material distribution, directions or embedded test practice.

Up to 25 minutes


Up to 30 minutes


Up to 15 minutes


Up to 30 minutes

100 minutes total test time

Test Administration

The Test Administrator Interface (TAI) is the online test management and administration system for WIDA MODEL Online. A test administrator uses the TAI for training, test administration and accessing student test data and reports. Test sessions are set up and managed through the TAI.

The WIDA MODEL Online Speaking domain test is individually administered. The other domain tests – Listening, Writing and Reading – may be administered in a group format.


WIDA MODEL Online reports student results as soon as testing is complete and test administrators have entered Speaking and Writing scores. Results can be viewed in the TAI, or summarized on any of three printable reports.

WIDA MODEL Interpretive Guide for Score Reports


QuickStart Guide for WIDA MODEL Online

1. Learn your state or local requirements and confirm which WIDA MODEL format you’re administering.

Each member state or school chooses the type of WIDA assessment it uses to identify English language learners or to monitor their progress. Find out what options are available to you.

Educators in WIDA Consortium member states should view their member/state page for state-specific information about WIDA MODEL, including the Identification and Placement Guidance document.

International school educators should contact their Site Coordinator.

Contact WIDA Client Services Center


2. Visit the WIDA Store to purchase MODEL Online.

Once purchased, Test Administrators will have access to the Test Administrator Interface (TAI) for online test management and administration.

WIDA Store

3. Complete assessment training and review manuals.

Educators must complete MODEL Online training and review the Test Administrator Manual before giving the test. All training materials are located in the TAI via the Training section of the site.

Email MetriTech Customer Service


4. Get additional training from WIDA as needed.

WIDA offers a variety of workshops and webinars to support educators in understanding how to administer WIDA MODEL.

WIDA offers a WIDA MODEL Online Test Administrator workshop.

Learn More and Register

International School Consortium members can view a WIDA MODEL Overview Webinar in the International Secure Portal.

Log In to the Portal

5. Make sure you have the right technology available for students to take the assessment.

Plan and collaborate with Technology Coordinators to consider all factors necessary for a successful and positive online testing experience.

6. Set up your test sessions in the Test Administrator Interface.

In order to participate in WIDA MODEL Online, students must be added to the TAI, assigned test forms, and then added into test sessions.

Log in to WIDA MODEL to view the TAI Guide

7. Administer the assessment.

Gather your headsets, devices and materials and you’re ready to test. With thorough training and careful preparation, Test Administrators will be ready to deliver a reliable and positive testing experience.

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Get resources specific to your state

State-specific contact information and additional testing resources for WIDA Consortium members.

Submit State Selection

Looking for in-person training?

We offer a WIDA MODEL Online Test Administrator workshop.


View technology requirements and access additional documentation.


Visit the WIDA Store to purchase WIDA MODEL for your school(s).