WIDA at Conferences

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In addition to hosting the WIDA Annual Conference, WIDA staff participate in many other regional, national and international conferences throughout the year.

Look for us at these upcoming conferences:

National Conference on Student Assessment (NCSA) - June 2024

June 24-26, 2024
Seattle, Washington

Inclusion of Multilingual Learners and Students with Disabilities in AI-based Assessment Innovations
Grace Li, Alistair Van Moere, Sue Lottridge, Ivanna Mann Thrower Anderson

Stop the Retrofit: What Do Equitable and Inclusive Assessments Need to Look Like?
Laurene Christensen, Trisha Klein, Leslie Huff, Dean Reasoner, Russell Swinburne Romine, Edynn Sato

Challenges and Choices of English Learner Reclassification: A Discussion of Policies and Practices
Narek Sahakyan, Andrea Degre, Edynn Sato

Coherent Approaches to American Sign Language as an Accommodation on English Language Assessments
Stephanie Cawthon, Cathryn Still, Vitaliy Shyyan, Leslie Huff, Laurene Christensen, Trinell Bowman

Making Effective Decisions about Accessibility Tools and Accommodations for Content and English Language Proficiency Assessments
Laurene Christensen, Leslie Huff, Jennifer Paul, Vitaliy Shyyan

Examining the Relationship Among Academic Achievement, Duration of EL Service Enrollment, and English Language Proficiency Assessment Results
Julie Ewing, Joyce Wang, Edynn Sato, Molly Faulkner-Bond

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Language Testing Research Colloquium (LTRC) - July 2024

July 1-5, 2024
Innsbruck, Austria

Communicating ELP Assessment Changes to K-12 Educators
Alicia Kim, Jason Kemp, Fabiana MacMillan and Lorena Alarcon (former WIDA intern)

Aligning Proficiency Level Descriptors with Audiences and Uses: Enhancing Equitable Communication in a K-12 Language Assessment System
Lynn Shafer Willner and Margo Gottlieb

A Digital Mapping of High Leverage Communicative Practices in School-Age Content-Area Contexts (Poster Session)
Lynn Shafer Willner and Margo Gottlieb

Lost in translation? Reporting the results of a CEFR linking study to educators
David MacGregor, Katie Schultz, Mark Chapman and H. Gary Cook

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National Council on Measurement in Education (NCME) Special Conference on Classroom Assessment - September 2024

September 19-20, 2024
Chicago, Illinois

Language Proficiency Descriptors: Connecting Large-Scale Assessment Scores to Classroom Assessment Tools
Lynn Shafer Willner and Margo Gottlieb

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WIDA researcher wins award for work in New Jersey

closeup of Lynn holding her award plaque

Lynn Shafer Willner, a researcher at WIDA, has been awarded the 2024 NJTESOL/NJBE President’s Award. This award is given annually to an individual whose work has significantly advanced the needs of multilingual learners in New Jersey, serving as a catalyst for change and excellence in education. Read the article about Lynn's work advancing the understanding and application of the WIDA ELD Standards Framework.