WIDA MODEL for Kindergarten

WIDA MODEL for Kindergarten is an academic English language proficiency assessment. As a flexible, on-demand language proficiency assessment, this test can be administered at any time during the school year, depending on the needs of the district, school, teacher or student.

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Grade 1
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Kindergarten MODEL provides opportunities for students to demonstrate their proficiency in each of the four language domains of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. The test is divided into two sections: narrative and expository.

Each section assesses all four language domains, depending on students’ language development:

Narrative Section (Parts A – C)

  • Part A: Listening and Speaking
  • Part B: Writing
  • Part C: Reading

Expository Section (Parts D – F)

  • Part D: Listening and Speaking
  • Part E: Writing
  • Part F: Reading

Each part is divided into five levels, with tasks designed to assess language at that specific proficiency level.

Test Administration Time

Time does not include convening students, material distribution, directions or embedded test practice.

45 minutes total test time

Test Administration

Kindergarten MODEL is an individually administered, adaptive assessment designed to take an average of 30 minutes or less per student. Students are presented only with questions that the Test Administrator, based on the student’s response to questions in the previous level, has a reasonable expectation that the student will be able to understand and respond to.

Kindergarten MODEL test kits contain all materials necessary to train Test Administrators and to deliver the assessment:

  • Test Administration Manual
  • Test Administrator Script
  • Student Storybook
  • Activity Board
  • Set of Cards and Card Pouch Booklet
  • Student Response Booklets
  • Summary Score Sheets
  • Training CD-ROM
  • Training DVD


Note that scale scores are not reported for Kindergarten MODEL. The Test Administrator enters any student demographic information required locally, and prints a report.

WIDA MODEL Interpretive Guide for Score Reports

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