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WIDA designs language development standards for early childhood and K-12 multilingual learners.



WIDA offers a variety of research-based assessments to measure language proficiency.



WIDA provides educators with key resources and instructional tools to support multilingual learners.



WIDA provides professional learning opportunities aimed at empowering educators, and research to inform the field.


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WIDA Consortium

The WIDA Consortium is a member-based organization made up of U.S. states, territories and federal agencies dedicated to the research, design and implementation of a high-quality, standards-based system for K-12 English language learners.

Featured Programs

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A global network of schools using WIDA resources and assessments to support multilingual learners

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A developmentally sound framework for providing quality care and instruction to young multilingual children in early care and education settings.

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A framework for supporting Spanish language development in Kindergarten through Grade 12 programs

News and Events

January 2021 Featured Educator: HeeGyoung Song

Warford Elementary School, Kansas City, Missouri

“I use the standards to promote and guide my ELLs’ language development. I make sure that academic language, content vocabulary and content knowledge in language arts, math, science and social studies are included in my lesson plans and are practiced by doing activities with my students.”

WIDA statement on ACCESS for ELLs testing in 2020-21 school year

In this letter to the WIDA community, WIDA Founder and Director Tim Boals discusses ACCESS for ELLs testing during the 2020-21 school year.