ELD Standards Framework Professional Development

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Accelerate your understanding of the ELD Standards Framework

WIDA provides a wide range of professional learning options to begin and advance your understanding of the updated WIDA English Language Development Standards Framework.

The learning opportunities below expand upon the Big Ideas and four components of the framework, as described on the ELD Standards Framework page.

In addition to the following options, the facilitated eWorkshop, Planning with the WIDA ELD Standards Framework, may be offered by your state, and can be purchased for individuals, schools and districts.

Learning Opportunities

WIDA Consortium Self-Paced eWorkshops

Several eWorkshops dive deeper into the framework. A WIDA Secure Portal account is required.


Learn More and Begin

Recorded Webinars

WIDA produced a series of webinars with members of the standards project team to help answer educators' questions about four aspects of the framework.


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Focus Bulletin

Collaboration and equity are two of the Big Ideas of the 2020 Edition. Check out this Focus Bulletin for support on how to collaborate with your peers on teaching with the WIDA ELD Standards Framework.


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