WIDA Español Webinars and Workshops

young adult working at a desk in a home-like environmentProfessional learning opportunities for educators who support Spanish language development of bi/multilingual learners

WIDA Español ofrece oportunidades de capacitación profesional durante todo el año. These professional learning offerings are open to everyone and presented on various topics related to the instruction of students who are learning Spanish as a first or additional language in grades K-12. WIDA Español professional learning can be purchased by or delivered to any school or district that requests it, both in the U.S. and internationally.

Teaching in Spanish: Explorando identidades

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This facilitated virtual workshop uses an interactive and hands-on approach to analyze the importance of valuing the diversity of Spanish in bi/multilingual learning spaces. Via engaging examples, participants will explore the Marco de referencia de las artes del lenguaje del español de WIDA (Marco ALE).

Specifically, the workshop will focus on the importance of respecting and highlighting the diversity of Spanish via its intentional and effective planning and teaching. We will also consider equity and the empowerment of educators and students in the teaching and learning of Spanish.

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Teaching in Spanish: El Marco ALE en acción

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This virtual workshop uses an interactive and practical approach to connect the theoretical and pedagogical practices of teaching Spanish language arts. Through interactive examples, participants will explore the application of the WIDA Spanish Language Arts Framework (ALE Framework).

Specifically, the workshop will focus on the importance of using all three strands of the ALE Framework at the same time for intentional and effective planning of Spanish language arts units and lessons. Emphasis will also be placed on opportunities to use translanguage in bi/multilingual educational spaces.

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Attending to Equity through Bilingual Instruction

Webinar series

This bilingual webinar series will invite participants to explore instructional planning for the bilingual classroom from an asset-based, equity-informed perspective, recognizing that emergent bi/multilinguals bring many contributions to the school community.

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What Participants Say...

“The two-day SLD session that you did with José was an enormous success. My Spanish DLI teachers stated that it was absolutely the most powerful training that they had received.” 

– Margaret McKenzie, Atlanta Public Schools