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Colorado uses WIDA Screener for Kindergarten and WIDA Screener (Online or Paper) for Grades 1-12 to assist in the identification of students who may be English learners (ELs). ACCESS for ELLs is administered to students who are identified as ELs, NEP or LEP during the annual testing window, which runs for five weeks, opening on the second Monday in January.

Testing Dates

10/2/23-1/8/24Test Administrators Complete WIDA Training Modules and Certification Quizzes
11/1/23District Assessment Coordinators Submit 1-12 Paper Materials Order to CDE
11/29/23-2/15/24WIDA AMS Test Setup Available for Registrations
12/14/23Districts Receive Test Materials 
1/8/24-2/9/24Test Window
2/14/24Deadline for Shipping Completed Test Materials to DRC
4/29/24Reports and Data Files Available - Online 
5/9/24Reports Available in District - Printed
9/12/24Alternate ACCESS Reports and Data Files Available - Online
10/2/24Alternate ACCESS Reports Available in District - Printed

Requirements and Resources

See below for state-specific information and resources related to EL assessment, including your state’s ACCESS for ELLs Checklist, where you can find each step in the ACCESS testing process from beginning to end.

ACCESS for ELLs Online Checklist Identification and Placement Guidance

State Testing Requirements

All English Learners (NEP and LEP), including students with disabilities, must participate in the state English language proficiency assessment system. The educational team (IEP, 504, or EL), which must include the parents, determines whether the student will take ACCESS for ELLs with or without accommodations or, for a student with the most significant cognitive disability, meets the participation requirements for the alternate assessment. According to federal requirements, there must be evidence of alignment between a student’s educational plan, instruction, and the accommodations provided on any of the state assessments, as well as any determinations for students to participate in Alternate ACCESS. Three participation options exist:

  1. The student participates in ACCESS for ELLs without an accommodation.
  2. The student participates in ACCESS for ELLs with an accommodation*.
  3. The student participates in Alternate ACCESS for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities.

Note: It is not appropriate or ethical to give the Alternate ACCESS to students who do not qualify to take the assessment.

*Accommodations are practices and procedures that provide equitable access during instruction and assessment for students who have a documented need, including students with a disability and English learners. In order to use accommodations on ACCESS for ELLs testing, accommodations must be determined by the student’s educational team documented in the student’s IEP or 504 plan.

Standards and Instructional Support

New ELD Standards Resource Documents

During the 21-22 school year, Colorado will begin rolling out the updated standards resource documents that accompany the WIDA ELD Standards Framework, 2020 Edition.

  • To download the 2020 Edition or supporting resources, visit the WIDA ELD Standards Framework webpage                     
  • To order printed booklets, visit the WIDA Store

Visit Colorado’s Office of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education Professional Learning page and the Colorado English Language Proficiency (CELP) Standards page for more information.

Professional Learning

Colorado’s Office of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education offers Professional Learning opportunities. Please see the Professional Learning page to learn more.

Online Self-Paced Workshops are available for all Colorado K-12 public school educators with a school district email with a Secure Portal account.

  • No cost and no limit to the number of participants, and participants can log in at any time, from any place where they have access to internet services.
  • To participate, educators must have a WIDA Secure Portal account. Only educators with a school district email address are granted access to WIDA Self-paced Workshops. 
  • To assist with this process, Districts create and send a bulk upload list with educators' names and email addresses to the WIDA Client Services Center (CSC) at Once WIDA CSC receives and processes the bulk upload, an email is sent to the educators on the list inviting them to create an account through the Secure Portal. Download Bulk Upload Template
  • The workshops are aligned to the English Learner Quality Standards. Please read the WIDA eLearning FAQs for a list of the workshops and what standards they align to.
  • Certificate of Completion can be printed and/or downloaded once the workshop is completed. Please note, CDE is not able to reproduce certificates or verify participation for the WIDA self-paced workshops.


Heather Villalobos Pavia
English Learner Assessment Specialist
(303) 653-9749

Doris Brock-Nguyen
CLDE Specialist
(303) 866-6777

Morgan Cox
Director of the Office for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education
(303) 866-6784

WIDA Client Services Center 
Contact us for questions about training materials, classroom resources, or for problems with your WIDA Secure Portal account.
(866) 276-7735

Logging In 

WIDA Secure Portal
Use the WIDA Secure Portal to access test training manuals and resources, as well as Online Professional Learning modules.

  • To obtain a new login, please contact your District Assessment Coordinator.
  • The WIDA Client Services Center creates accounts for New District Assessment Coordinators. If the emails with this information were overlooked; the DAC should contact WIDA Client Services to request support.
  • For assistance with your account, contact the WIDA Client Services Center at or call (866) 276-7735.

WIDA Assessment Management System (WIDA AMS) 
WIDA AMS is managed by our partner company Data Recognition Corporation (DRC). You can order ACCESS materials, manage student and test information, and find technology resources and testing software via WIDA AMS.

  • District Assessment Coordinators will create accounts for Test Administrators and other district staff on an as-needed basis.
  • DRC creates accounts for New District Assessment Coordinators. If they did not activate the link provided to them through email, DACs should contact the Colorado Department of Education, Assessment Unit for account reactivation.
  • For assistance accessing your account, contact DRC Customer Service at or call (855) 787-9615.