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Schools operated by the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) use WIDA Screener for Kindergarten and WIDA Screener Online (for Grades 1-12) to identify Multilingual Learners (MLs). ACCESS for ELLs is given as the English Language Proficiency (ELP) Assessment to all MLs during the annual testing window to measure their progress towards acquisition of academic English. Please visit the DODEA ESOL Assessment Page on the DoDEA website for more information.

Testing Dates

11/22/23-3/1/24WIDA AMS Test Setup Available for Registrations
11/27/23-12/13/23Schools Receive Test Materials
12/5/23-2/9/24Additional Test Material Ordering Window in WIDA AMS
12/11/23-3/1/24Test Window
3/4/24Ship Materials Back to DRC
3/15/24Deadline for DRC to Receive Test Materials to be included in Regular Reporting
5/13/24Receive ACCESS Reports and Data Files - Online in WIDA AMS
6/3/24-7/10/24Reports Received  - Printed
9/17/24Receive WIDA Alternate ACCESS Reports and Data Files – Online in WIDA AMS
10/7/24Receive WIDA Alternate ACCESS Reports - Printed

Requirements and Resources

See below for state-specific information and resources related to ELP assessments, including your state’s ACCESS for ELLs Checklist, where you can find each step in the ACCESS testing process from beginning to end.

ACCESS for ELLs Online Checklist

Professional Learning

To access online professional learning for DoDEA educators, go to the “Professional Learning” tab in the WIDA Secure Portal (login required).


Ms. Valen A. Cayetano
Assessment Specialist, Assessment Division
(571) 372-1877

Dr. Ashley Karlsson
ESOL Instructional Systems Specialist
(571) 372-6001

WIDA Client Services Center
Contact us for questions about training materials, test administration procedures, classroom resources, or for problems with your WIDA Secure Portal account.
(866) 276-7735
M-F 8am-5pm CT (Apr-Oct)
M-Th 7am-7pm CT, Fri 7am-5pm CT (Nov-Mar)

Logging In

WIDA Secure Portal
Use the WIDA Secure Portal to access test training manuals and resources, as well as online professional learning modules.

Please contact the following to obtain new WIDA Secure Portal accounts:

  • ESOL teachers should contact their District ESOL Instructional Systems Specialist.
  • School Test Coordinators should contact their District Assessment and Accountability Instructional Systems Specialists.
  • District ESOL Instructional Systems Specialists and District Assessment and Accountability Instructional Systems Specialists should contact Valen Cayetano at

For assistance with your account, contact the WIDA Client Services Center at or call (866) 276-7735.