WIDA News Extra May 2020

May 27, 2020

Dear WIDA Community,

During difficult times, we are reminded of what really matters. Nurses, doctors, grocery and transportation staff are now rightfully called “essential workers” because they are on the front lines of this pandemic, providing us necessary services. Farm and factory workers, many of whom are immigrants, also come to mind as essential contributors we cannot live without. We owe all these everyday heroes our gratitude. Yet for me personally, for WIDA, and for the millions of children and families in the United States and the world, my special appreciation is for you, our teachers. Your profession is the foundation that makes many professions possible. Teachers are the everyday heroes who sustain our hope for a democracy made up of literate, informed communities.

In addition to this sacred responsibility, teachers keep dreams alive. Dreams may be about opportunities to succeed and contribute to a rich and diverse tapestry. E Pluribus Unum, out of many, one. The diverse peoples in our country create a unique strength that advances America’s unity of purpose. It is your work every day, even while teaching remotely, that offers all of us hope for a better tomorrow. One where not only has our COVID-19 crisis been brought under control, but one where this pause gives us time to re-commit to those basic principles that were key from the beginning: respect for all peoples, valuing culturally and linguistically diverse assets, and nurturing all our young people to meaningfully engage in improving our society.

All of us owe a tremendous debt to you, our teachers. Once a year is certainly not often enough to say, “Thank You.” Perhaps a renewed commitment can come from these precarious times we live in and we can continue to value the people who are truly essential.

Please take a moment to view WIDA’s “Thank You” video shared earlier this month on Facebook and Twitter.


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Tim Boals, WIDA Founder and Director