Staff Picture

Kimberly LeSage

Accessibility and Inclusion Assessment Specialist

Kimberly LeSage is an Accessibility and Inclusion Assessment Specialist at WIDA. She is part of the assessment team, supporting efforts to ensure accessibility for all students. Kim’s work focuses on providing an accommodation and accessibility perspective throughout stakeholder collaborations and the assessment development, administration, and evaluation cycle. 
Kim has a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership, Research, and Counseling from Louisiana State University, as well as a BA in History, and a MA in Curriculum and Instruction. She is a career educator with experience as a high school social studies teacher, a university research associate, a district Supervisor of Accountability, Assessment, and Evaluation, and a state department of education program specialist. Prior to joining WIDA, she supported Arizona’s Superintendent of Public Instruction’s goal to advance viable, research-based solutions to educator shortages and sustainability.  In an earlier role, she captained state assessment projects including accommodated material review, K-3 readiness and screener administration, NAEP assessment coordination, and guidance development and support for local education agencies and assessment development partners. Kim hails from Louisiana, but currently lives near Phoenix, where she spends her free time exploring Arizona, tackling her to-be-read stack of books, and spending family date nights with her favorite people.