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Timothy Boals

Senior Research Scientist

(608) 263-4326
Tim Boals is the Founder and Director of WIDA. He holds a Ph.D. in curriculum from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with an emphasis in the education of multilingual learners. His background includes language education, educational policy, and Spanish language and literature.
As WIDA Director, Tim oversees operations, research and long range planning efforts. His research interests involve the interplay between content and language learning for multilingual learners across the language acquisition continuum and the effects of standards on classroom practice for these learners. He has recently collaborated on articles about re-conceptualization of academic language and the evolving construct of English language testing, the books "Multilingual Learners and Academic Literacies" and "Formative Language Assessment for ELLs," and a book chapter on supporting multilingual learners with special needs. Current writings and presentations include the topic of opportunity to learn for multilingual learners and what is required to ensure high quality academic environments for these students.
Tim frequently presents at international, national and regional conferences on the challenges facing multilingual learners and how schools and educators can better meet their needs.