Rhode Island

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Rhode Island uses Kindergarten W-APT, WIDA MODEL for Kindergarten, and WIDA Screener (Grades 1-12) to identify English language learners (ELLs). ACCESS for ELLs is given to all ELLs during the annual testing window, which typically lasts from early January through mid-February.

Testing Dates

12/2/21-2/18/22 WIDA AMS test setup available for test sessions
12/21/21 Districts receive test materials
12/21/21-2/11/22 Additional test materials ordering window in AMS
1/10/22-2/18/22 Test Window
2/25/22 Deadline for shipping completed test materials to DRC
4/29/22 Districts receive reports – Online
5/12/22 Districts receive reports - Printed

Requirements and Resources

See below for state-specific information and resources related to ELL assessment, including your state’s ACCESS for ELLs Checklist, where you can find each step in the ACCESS testing process from beginning to end.

ACCESS for ELLs Online Checklist ACCESS for ELLs Paper Checklist Identification and Placement Guidance

State Testing Requirements

  • Districts in RI will be administering ACCESS for ELLs Online. 
  • Districts will also administer Alternate ACCESS for ELLs. 
  • Rhode Island's 4th and 5th grade students will keyboard their Writing responses. 

Test Preparation and Training

  • ACCESS training courses are available on the WIDA Secure Portal. Contact your District Test Coordinator or WIDA Client Services Center if you need an account. 
  • Test Administrators must complete the applicable training course and pass the certification quiz with a score of 80% or higher to be qualified to administer the assessment. 
  • Rhode Island requires test administrators to complete certification requirements every three (3) years or upon adoption of a new tool.

Manuals and Test Materials

  • Kindergarten W-APT and WIDA Screener training and test materials can be found on the WIDA Secure Portal. Contact your District Test Coordinator or WIDA Client Services if your permissions need to be updated. 
  • Rhode Island Regulations Governing the Education of English Language Learners – This document contains state-specific guidance on ELL-related regulations, programs and services, and evaluation. 
  • Rhode Island English Learner (EL) Identification Procedure - Use this form to guide you through the identification and placement process.
  • Rhode Island ELL Exit Criteria – See this document for state-specific exit criteria for ACCESS. 

Additional Resources

RISAP Accessibility and Accommodations Manual and Other Resources

RISAP Accommodations Webinar Registration Links, Presentations, and Recordings

Standards and Instructional Support

The WIDA ELD Standards, 2020 Edition, are slated for release in winter 2020. To learn more about Rhode Island's timeline for rollout and implementation of the 2020 Edition, please visit the RIDE website.

Professional Learning


Information about more WIDA workshops sponsored by the Rhode Island Department of Education are available at: 2020-2021 - Calendar of PL Offerings.

All eWorkshops are free and available in the eLearning Center in the WIDA Secure Portal. Don’t have a WIDA Secure Portal account? Contact your district’s MLL Director or Coordinator.

Access the Rhode Island Professional Development offerings and registrations for in person workshops.


Flavia Molea Baker 
EL Coordinator, Title III 
(401) 222-8480 

Emily Klein 
Education Specialist, IDEA & Title III 
(401) 222-8985 

Veronica Salas 
Multilingual Learner Specialist 
(401) 222-8939

WIDA Client Services Center 
Contact us for questions about training materials or test administration procedures, classroom resources, or for problems with your WIDA Secure Portal account. 

(866) 276-7735 

Logging In

WIDA Secure Portal 
Use the WIDA Secure Portal to access test training manuals and resources, as well as Online Professional Learning modules. 

  • To obtain a new login as a Test Administrator, contact help@wida.us, call (866) 276-7735, or contact your District Test Coordinator. 
  • New District Test Coordinators should contact Flavia Molea Baker to request an account. 
  • For assistance with your account, contact the WIDA Client Services Center at help@wida.us or call (866) 276-7735.   

WIDA AMS is managed by our partner company Data Recognition Corporation (DRC). You can order ACCESS materials, manage your student and test information, and find technology resources and testing software via WIDA AMS. 

  • To obtain a new login, contact your District Test Coordinator. 
  • New District Test Coordinators should contact DRC Customer Service to request an account. 
  • For assistance accessing your account, contact DRC Customer Service at wida@datarecognitioncorp.com or call (855) 787-9615.