South Carolina

Member of the WIDA Consortium since 2014.


South Carolina uses Kindergarten W-APT and WIDA Screener (Grades 1-12) to identify English language learners (ELLs). ACCESS for ELLs is given to all ELLs during the annual testing window, which typically lasts from early February through late March.

Testing Dates

11/16/18-12/13/18 Test materials ordering available in AMS (LEAs)
1/7/19-3/22/19 WIDA AMS test setup available for test sessions
1/18/19 Districts receive test materials
2/4/19-3/22/19 Test Window
1/21/19-3/15/19 Additional test materials ordering window in AMS
3/29/19 Deadline for shipping completed test materials to DRC
4/26/19-5/2/19 Pre-reporting data validation – LEAs in AMS
6/11/19 Districts receive reports – Printed and online
6/11/19-6/17/19 Post-reporting data validation – LEAs in AMS

Requirements and Resources

See below for state-specific information and resources related to ELL assessment, including your state’s ACCESS for ELLs Checklist, where you can find each step in the ACCESS testing process from beginning to end.

ACCESS for ELLs Online Checklist ACCESS for ELLs Paper Checklist State-Specific Directions Identification and Placement Guidance

State Testing Requirements
  • South Carolina students take ACCESS for ELLs Online for Grades 1-12, with the following exceptions:
    • Students who cannot take online assessments due to a disability, as specific in their IEP or 504 Plan, may take the paper-based assessment.
    • Districts and individual public charter schools may request a waiver from the State Board of Education to allow paper-based assessment.
  • Kindergarten ACCESS and Alternate ACCESS remain paper-based assessments.
  • Students in grades 1-3 view the prompt and write their responses in a Writing response booklet.
  • Students in grades 4-5 take the writing test completely online; however, districts may choose the paper option for students in grades 4 and 5. For the paper option, students would read the writing prompts on the computer screen and would hand-write their responses in the paper test booklet. Districts will be allowed to order paper writing response booklets during the materials ordering window.
Test Preparation and Training
  • ACCESS training courses are located in the WIDA Secure Portal. To be certified to administer the assessment, Test Administrators must complete the applicable training course and pass the certification quiz with a score of 80% or higher.
  • District Test Coordinators will create accounts for Test Administrators. If a DTC needs to create a large number of accounts, please contact WIDA Client Services for assistance.
  • District Test Coordinators can verify Test Administrator certification using the Account Management and Training Status tool. This tool can also be used to update user permissions on the WIDA Secure Portal.


Leslie Dawes
Program Coordinator, Office of Assessment
(803) 734-4944

Jill Christmus
Alternate ACCESS for ELLs Office of Assessment
(803) 734-8048

WIDA Client Services Center
Contact us for questions about training materials or test administration procedures, classroom resources, or for problems with your WIDA Secure Portal account.
(866) 276-7735

Logging In

WIDA Secure Portal
Use the WIDA Secure Portal to access test training manuals and resources, as well as Online Professional Learning modules.

  • To obtain a new login as a Test Administrator, contact your District Test Coordinator.
  • New District Test Coordinators should contact Leslie Dawes to create an account.
  • For assistance with your account, contact the WIDA Client Services Center at or call (866) 276-7735.

WIDA AMS is managed by our partner company Data Recognition Corporation (DRC). You can order ACCESS materials, manage your student and test information, and find technology resources and testing software via WIDA AMS.

  • To obtain a new login as a Test Administrator, contact your District Test Coordinator.
  • New District Test Coordinators should contact Leslie Dawes to create an account.
  • For assistance accessing your account, contact DRC Customer Service at or call (855) 787-9615.

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