Introducing WIDA

WIDA builds the foundations of success one classroom at a time. We know what multilingual students and their educators can do! We continually establish the industry’s best practices, support student advocacy and offer second to none professional development opportunities for teachers. Watch how we work!

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Picture a classroom. Any classroom. Here at home or abroad, they're not so different.

They're made of books and bulletin boards. Homework assignments.

Teachers and students. And WIDA? We're there, too.

In thousands of classrooms around the world, helping multilingual children-and the educators

who teach them-to succeed.

We combine proven content learning strategies with the latest language development research and resources to ensure that young scientists and literary scholars, future mathematicians and budding historians aren't limited by language.

They're liberated by it. Our innovative tools and assessments help educators build on what multilingual learners can do already. Recognize what success looks like at every grade level. And see a look of excitement and growing confidence on a bright young face.

That's a thrill we want teachers to experience again and again. So we conduct groundbreaking research.

Offer eLearning opportunities and classroom resources. Set and share the industry's best practices.

And gather together at conferences and workshops around the globe. WIDA accelerates teachers' professional learning, and works with a consortium of national and international language development leaders to advocate for practices that move multilingual instruction forward.

Because when we picture a classroom-any classroom-we see lessons made richer by the diverse cultures included there. We see children who are valued and engaged. And teachers who feel empowered and eager to grow.

Around the world, class is about to begin. Let's see what we can do...together.