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Action Research: A catalyst for comprehensive teaching and learning in multilingual contexts

This WIDA Snapshot introduces classroom action research – when researchers and educators work together to address classroom challenges – by encouraging teachers to use their researcher voices to make meaningful contributions to the field, whether through collaborative or independent approaches.

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American Indian English Language Learners

This WIDA Focus Bulletin explores the integral connection between language and culture for American Indian English Language Learners.

Published May 2014 
Authors: Rosalie Grant, Paula White, Julia Cortada, Sookweon Min


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Collaborating with States on Professional Development Planning

This study investigated a coaching process in which state educational representatives (SEAs) and WIDA staff engaged during 2012. The purpose was to enhance the quality of the professional development offered by states to their educators.

Published May 2013 
Authors: Daniella Molle, Christie Reveles

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Collaborative Learning for English Language Learners

This research brief reports preliminary results from a study of teachers’ successful experiences engaging ELLs in collaborative learning with peers.

Published May 2014

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ELD Essentials

This flyer shows how WIDA English language development resources fit together. This resource is intended to serve as an entry point for teachers, administrators, state staff, etc. who are new to WIDA’s ELD system of support.

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English Language Arts

The purpose of this WIDA Focus Bulletin is to provide guidance to teachers of English language arts (ELA) who are implementing the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and working to respond to the specific needs of ELLs. In their treatment of academic language (or the language of school), the CCSS represent a departure from existing content standards.

Published November 2013
Authors: Daniella Molle, Mariana Castro, Julia Cortada, Leslie Grimm

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High Quality Professional Development for English Language Learners

This report describes key components of high quality professional development for educators of English language learners.

Published May 2014 
Author: Daniella Molle

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Language-Focused Family Engagement

This WIDA Focus Bulletin introduces readers to the four pillars of Language-Focused Family Engagement and provides tools to help educators examine their local family engagement practices.​

Published September 2018
Author: Delis Cuéllar, Alissa Blair, Lorena Mancilla

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Providing ELLs with Disabilities Access to Complex Language

This WIDA Focus Bulletin outlines ways in which educators can provide English Language Learners with disabilities access to complex language via classroom activities and engagement opportunities.

Published March 2017 
Authors: Lynn Shafer Willner, Cynthia Lundgren, Mira Monroe, Julia Cortada

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Scaffolding Learning for Multilingual Students in Math

This WIDA Focus Bulletin provides examples of specific macro-scaffolding and micro-scaffolding practices in action in a math classroom and includes guidance for developing these scaffolding practices over time.​

Published June 2018
Authors: Jen Daniels, Ruslana Westerlund

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STEM Discourse

This WIDA Focus Bulletin explores ways to strengthen reasoning and language in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education.

Published January 2017 
Author: Rita MacDonald

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Students with Limited or Interrupted Formal Education (SLIFE)

This WIDA Focus Bulletin focuses on the needs of students who have limited or interrupted formal education (SLIFE). Because the vast majority of students in this group are enrolled in grades 6 through 12, we will focus on those grade levels. However, many of the tips and suggestions can be applied in lower grade levels as well. Throughout the bulletin we will explore academic and social-emotional factors that may affect this group of students, examine the benefits of building community partnerships, address how to assess student readiness levels, and offer a checklist of considerations for instructional planning.

Published May 2015
Authors: Lauren Keppler, Lucia Morales, Julia Cortada, Maria Austin

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Technology in the Classroom

This WIDA Focus Bulletin addresses how English Language Learners engage with technology within the classroom.

Published October 2014 
Authors: Meagan Rothschild, Julia Cortada

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WIDA All Year Long

Learn how WIDA is more than a test! Mr. Vega is a 6th grade EAL (English as an Additional Language) teacher at an international school who works with colleagues and families to support multilingual learners. Follow Mr. Vega all year long, as he focuses on what his students can do, using WIDA resources to collaborate and plan effective learning activities throughout the school year.

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WIDA School Improvement System

This flyer provides an overview of the WIDA School Improvement System – a school-wide assessment and feedback system that measures key instructional leadership practices.

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