Resource Types

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ACCESS for ELLs: Understanding Your Child's Scores

A guide, in several languages, explaining the Individual Student Report of scores on the ACCESS for ELLs assessment

Audience: parents, guardians, those who communicate with families

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What is ACCESS for ELLs? Handout

This handout, in 13 languages, explains what ACCESS is and why student take this kind of assessment. Use this resource to help parents understand annual language proficiency testing.

Audience: parents, guardians, those who communicate with families

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ACCESS for ELLs Parent Letter

The cover letter, in several languages, that accompanies ACCESS for ELLs score reports

Audience: parents, guardians, those who communicate with families

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Accommodations Checklist

Checklists for tracking the accommodations a student receives on ACCESS for ELLs and WIDA Screener assessments

Audience: test coordinators, test administrators, anyone working with students who need special accommodations

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Alternate ACCESS for ELLs Handouts and Guides for Parents

Resources that help parents understand both the Alternate ACCESS for ELLs assessment and their children’s scores on the assessment

Audience: parents, guardians, those who communicate with families

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Early Years Making Connections

Resources that show the correspondence between the WIDA Early English Language Development Standards and specific state early learning standards

Audience: early childhood educators, administrators, policymakers

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Family Resource

Any material that can help families understand the range of WIDA assessments, as well as what it means to be an ELL (some provided in Spanish and other languages)

Audience: parents, guardians, those communicating with family members of ELLs

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One-page introductions to topics and products

Audience: educators and families

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Focus Bulletin

WIDA publications that explore issues in the field of ELL education, including topics of interest to parents, teachers, school administrators and policymakers

Audience: everyone

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Guide or Manual

English and Spanish Language Development Standards Guides, Can Do Descriptors, rubrics, test preparation and scoring-related materials

Audience: ELL and general educators, anyone preparing to deliver one of the WIDA assessments

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Research or Technical Report

Scholarly reports and briefs written by WIDA researchers about issues of interest in the field of ELL education

Audience: ELL researchers, policymakers

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Template or Sample

Examples of score reports and other tools educators can use to get acquainted with – and prepare their students for ­– various WIDA assessments

Audience: ELL and general educators

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Short videos that address a variety of topics from the Can Do Philosophy to understanding the WIDA MODEL interim assessment.

Audience: ELL and general educators, family members

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Working Papers

Publications that share ideas or preliminary research about topics that are currently being studied by WIDA researchers.

Audience: ELL educators, researchers, policymakers