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Academic Vocabulary Development

WIDA Video Contest Winner

Andy Mizell plans engaging instruction that scaffolds learning for the wide range of English proficiency levels in his middle school ELL class. He begins by assessing his students and collaborating with other teachers to extend his academic language instruction across subject areas.

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American Indian English Language Learners

This WIDA Focus Bulletin explores the integral connection between language and culture for American Indian English Language Learners.

Published May 2014 
Authors: Rosalie Grant, Paula White, Julia Cortada, Sookweon Min


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Collaborating with States on Professional Development Planning

This study investigated a coaching process in which state educational representatives (SEAs) and WIDA staff engaged during 2012. The purpose was to enhance the quality of the professional development offered by states to their educators.

Published May 2013 
Authors: Daniella Molle, Christie Reveles

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Collaboration: Working Together to Serve Multilingual Learners

This WIDA Focus Bulletin emphasizes the many benefits of collaboration. The collaborative approach is presented as a cyclical process with shared responsibility by educators assessing, reflecting upon, planning for and teaching multilingual learners.

Published July 2020
Authors: John Nordmeyer, Andrea Honigsfeld

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Collaborative Learning for English Language Learners

This research brief reports preliminary results from a study of teachers’ successful experiences engaging ELLs in collaborative learning with peers.

Published May 2014

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Concept Tool: A Language-Focused Approach to Planning Equitable Learning Opportunities

A language-focused approach to planning applies an equity and language lens to the design of active and engaging learning opportunities for young children. Explore this tool to learn more about the what, how and why of a language-focused approach to planning equitable learning opportunities for multilingual children.

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Curricular Considerations: Introduction to Collaborating Around the 2020 Edition

The WIDA ELD Standards Framework, 2020 Edition brings new practical ways for all educators working with multilingual learners to conceptualize the development of content and language together through asset-based, equitable, and rigorous approaches in curricular design. This session will encourage participants to think about what collaboration looks like in these contexts.

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Educación en el mundo actual

This Focus Bulletin offers strategies for advancing equity in bilingual settings during the mundo actual of COVID-19. The bulletin emphasizes the importance of valuing multilingual learners’ linguistic and cultural diversity, using translanguaging, and leveraging technological resources.

Published August 2020
Authors: Sam Aguirre, Erika Rosales

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Educational Justice Through Policy

In this Focus Bulletin, WIDA revisits landmark legislation and policies that shaped language education in the U.S. It presents unintended consequences on programming and instruction of bi/multilingual students; showcases how field practitioners address language policy and its consequences; and includes tools for reflection, collaboration, professional learning and community engagement.

Published November 2022
Author: Mariana Castro

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Embedding the Can Do Cycle Throughout the School Year

This Focus Bulletin reframes the WIDA Can Do Philosophy as a can do cycle of actions that can be embedded into teaching and learning experiences throughout the entire school year. In it, we offer resource banks of questions that can be used to elicit student assets and reflect on ways to build on student assets at the beginning of each unit, during each unit, and at the end of each unit.

Published April 2022
Authors: Maya Martinez-Hart, Christina Nelson

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English Language Arts

The purpose of this WIDA Focus Bulletin is to provide guidance to teachers of English language arts (ELA) who are implementing the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and working to respond to the specific needs of ELLs. In their treatment of academic language (or the language of school), the CCSS represent a departure from existing content standards.

Published November 2013
Authors: Daniella Molle, Mariana Castro, Julia Cortada, Leslie Grimm

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ENL New Arrival High School Students: Encouraging Communication in a New Language

WIDA Video Contest Winner

Mindy Lewis-Hitch develops a grade-level, standards-based unit and provides her ninth graders with clear modeling and guided practice using game-type activities for Romeo and Juliet. Mindy also demonstrates working with colleagues to help raise awareness of scaffolding lessons so all learners can be engaged.

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Fostering Active Comprehension: Asking and Answering Questions

WIDA Video Contest Winner

Shadia Salem encourages her first-grade students to engage in authentic inquiry before reading a text. By asking questions about the topic, students’ reading focus is linked to finding answers to their questions. Shadia’s students stay engaged by working in pairs.

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Guiding Principles of Language Development (multiple languages)

These guiding principles of language development and learning exemplify WIDA’s overarching foundational beliefs and ever-present Can Do Philosophy. The guide includes research citations and defines WIDA's use of the term multilingual learner.

This guide, available in multiple languages, can be used as a resource for educators to share with parents and families.

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High Quality Professional Development for English Language Learners

This report describes key components of high quality professional development for educators of English language learners.

Published May 2014 
Author: Daniella Molle

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Identifying Multilingual Learners with Specific Learning Disabilities: Data, Advice and Resources for School Teams

This Focus Bulletin offers expert advice, data on 2020-21 identification rates, data templates, common scenarios and resources for school teams identifying K-12 multilingual learners for Specific Learning Disabilities.

Originally published May 2017/Updated November 2023
Author: Lynn Shafer Willner

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Illustrated Guiding Principles of Language Development (multiple languages)

This illustrated booklet, available in multiple languages, brings each of the 10 WIDA Guiding Principles of Language Development to life and can be used by educators with parents, families and community members.

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Illustrated Guiding Principles of Language Development: Printable Posters

These posters bring each of the 10 WIDA Guiding Principles of Language Development to life and can be used by educators in classrooms and with parents, families and community members. Each illustrated guiding principle is set up for printing on a color laser printer. The finished printed size is 8.5x11 inches.

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Interactive Learning with Multilingual Learners in Content-Area Classrooms

​​This Focus Bulletin explores how interactive learning can benefit multilingual learners. Expressing and co-constructing ideas are discussed as two aspects of interactive learning that are important for the learning and wellbeing of multilingual youth.

Published December 2021 
Authors: Jennifer Wilfrid, Daniella Molle

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Introduction to the 2020 Edition

Members of the WIDA standards development team share a high-level overview of what’s new and exciting in the WIDA English Language Development Standards Framework, 2020 Edition. Intended for SEA representatives, district leaders, and EL and content teachers.

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