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WIDA's diverse staff hail from around the world to around the corner. A number of our researchers and developers are nationally known experts in the fields of language development, education policy and psychometrics. Many of our professional staff are former teachers themselves, or have personal or career backgrounds in language arts or linguistics. What all WIDA staff have in common is a shared commitment to social justice for linguistically and culturally diverse children.

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Picture of Laurene Christensen

Laurene Christensen

Director of Accessibility Research
(612) 275-6238
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Picture of Lynn Shafer Willner

Lynn Shafer Willner

language standards, assessment, and accessibility
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Picture of Marcy Olson

Marcy Olson

Assessment Content Specialist
(608) 262-6140
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Picture of Mark Chapman

Mark Chapman

Senior Assessment Innovation Manager
(608) 890-0519
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Picture of Narek Sahakyan

Narek Sahakyan

Associate Researcher
(608) 263-4827
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Picture of Rosalie Grant

Rosalie Grant

Assistant Scientist
(608) 890-3140
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Picture of Stephanie Gibson

Stephanie Gibson

Assessment Project Manager
(609) 457-9050
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Picture of Wenyue Ma

Wenyue Ma

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