Kindergarten ACCESS for ELLs

Redesigned Kindergarten ACCESS is coming in 2025-26
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Kindergarten ACCESS for ELLs (Kindergarten ACCESS) is a paper-based test individually administered to kindergarten students in a game-like, interactive format. This assessment is given annually.

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Proficiency Level

Kindergarten ACCESS meets U.S. federal requirements under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) for reporting ELs’ progress toward English language proficiency and establishing a baseline to monitor students’ future growth. The test measures English language proficiency in the four domains: Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing.


  • The test administrator scores all domains.
  • Students are tested until they reach their performance ceiling for a given part.
  • Scored tests are sent to WIDA's test delivery partner for processing into score reports.
  • Kindergarten ACCESS scores and score reports are provided in the same formats as those for ACCESS Online and Paper.

Test Administration Time

Time does not include convening students, material distribution, directions or embedded test practice.

45 minutes total test time

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