Planning with the WIDA ELD Standards Framework Facilitated eWorkshop

This eWorkshop is designed for educators and leaders who are responsible for language development within content learning and implementation of the WIDA English Language Development (ELD) Standards Framework. Participants will receive resources for using the WIDA ELD Standards Framework in instructional planning. Teams are strongly encouraged to attend the webinars together. This eWorkshop will assist educators in using the framework to identify and support language students will use to engage in content learning. Participants will explore how the framework can support collaborative instructional planning.

During this webinar series, participants will

  • Leverage student assets to integrate a language focus into content units. 
  • Identify and support language students will use throughout a series of unit activities.

Webinar 1: Introduction to the WIDA ELD Standards Framework 

Webinar 2: Language Focus in Content Units 

Webinar 3: Focus on Language in Action

Any cancellations or rescheduling requests for webinars must be received in writing 48 hours in advance of a scheduled webinar start time for a refund. Any requests that come in less than 48 hours in advance will need to contact us to reschedule to attend another webinar date/time.

Event information

Series of three webinars
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