Going back to school in 2020: WIDA is here to help

August 5, 2020

The return to school typically means something similar in classrooms across the world, but this year it is safe to say that the act of going back to school means something different to everyone. Some teachers and students will return to a physical classroom, some will teach and learn virtually and some will use a combination of the two.

No matter what the next academic year looks like in your school, state or country, WIDA is confident that you and your students Can Do this! What you do every day helps ensure that our multilingual learners are successful in and out of the classroom. To make sure you have the tools and supports you need to teach and grow with WIDA in the next school year, we put together a new Distance Teaching and Learning webpage, that features a curated list of resources. These are some of our favorites:

  • To help educators promote the importance of home language with the students and families they serve, WIDA has developed a visual resource in English, Spanish, Arabic and Simplified Chinese.
  • The WIDA Focus Bulletin Collaboration: Working Together to Serve Multilingual Learners, co-authored by WIDA International Programs Director Jon Nordmeyer and Andrea Honigsfeld of Molloy College, emphasizes the many benefits of collaboration, as well as how WIDA resources can be used to support teachers working together. This publication also addresses teaching and learning from home and the virtual collaboration cycle.
  • As educators begin to plan lessons and unpack these last few months in preparation for the next school year, WIDA Español experts say that taking into account students’ home and community experiences and linguistic diversity is key. Read this article in English and Spanish.
  • WIDA accommodations and accessibility experts share tips and information that aim to help multilingual students with disabilities find success in the virtual classroom.
  • To support families with young children at home, WIDA Early Years created free, downloadable activity booklets, in English, Spanish, Arabic and Simplified Chinese, that are appropriate for young children ages 2-7 years. 

WIDA will continue to provide resources and professional learning opportunities throughout the upcoming school year. To guarantee that you stay connected:

Channeling the Can Do Philosophy

Remember that you Can Do this! As someone who supports multilingual learners, you are making a difference – big and small – in the lives of the students, families and colleagues you work with and inspire. This challenging work that you do is not only important but valued and appreciated. Stay safe and well, WIDA Community.


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