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WIDA's Featured Educator is a monthly feature article that highlights classroom, district, or state-level educators who are making a difference in the lives of multilingual learners. Nominate an outstanding colleague today!

WIDA Español lanza Marco ALE, el Marco de referencia de las artes del lenguaje del español de WIDA

September 27, 2021

Échele un vistazo al Marco de referencia de las artes del lenguaje del español de WIDA (Marco ALE). Marco ALE está disponible en dos documentos — Aplicación para la actualización y desarrollo de estándares y Aplicación para la enseñanza. Estos documentos sirven como guías para que educadores a nivel de estado, local, escolar y del salón usen el Marco ALE para el desarrollo de estándares e instrucción de las artes del lenguaje del español.

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Need help? Answers to top questions coming into the WIDA Client Services Center this fall

September 23, 2021

Need help getting into the redesigned WIDA Secure Portal or finding what you’re looking for as you screen students? Check out this list of answers to the most frequently asked questions coming into the WIDA Client Services Center.

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September 2021 Featured Educators: Jenn Henderson and Jill Kraft

September 8, 2021

Learn more about two featured educators: Jenn Henderson and Jill Kraft, instructional coaches and 2021 WIDA eConference presenters. Jenn and Jill teach at Aurora Central High School in Aurora, Colorado.

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Redesigned WIDA Secure Portal is live!

September 1, 2021

Learn how to use the redesigned WIDA Secure Portal, including where to find the assessment training, professional learning and resources that matter to you.

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Back to school 2021–22: Assess, teach, grow with WIDA

August 27, 2021

Want a quick synopsis of what you need to know to assess, teach and grow with WIDA this school year? Check out this back-to-school guide!

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What to know: WIDA assessments in 2021-22 school year

August 17, 2021

From what’s new to tips for testing, learn about using WIDA Screener, ACCESS for ELLs and WIDA MODEL during the 2021-22 school year.

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Apoyando los estudiantes bi/multilingües este año escolar

August 13, 2021

Este artículo del equipo de WIDA Español presenta la perspectiva de una estudiante del duodécimo grado en la exploración de los valores y la filosofía de valorización de WIDA.

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Supporting Bi/Multilingual learners this school year

August 13, 2021

This article by the WIDA Español team features a high school student’s voice as it explores the WIDA Can Do Philosophy and its values.

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WIDA Early Years eLearning is on the move!

August 5, 2021

WIDA Early Years eLearning is moving into the WIDA Secure Portal, a members-only hub for WIDA professional learning courses and resources, on October 1, 2021. Learn more about WIDA Early Years eLearning, what’s changing, and what you can do to get ready.

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August 2021 Featured Educator: Kifah Soheil

August 5, 2021

Kifah Soheil is an English language/bilingual elementary teacher at Ridge Central School in Chicago Ridge, Illinois. Kifah has been at Ridge Central School for 12 years.

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