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State-sponsored eWorkshops that bring you high-quality professional learning, right where you are

WIDA eLearning offers two formats of eWorkshops that allows Consortium members/states to bring quality professional learning right to your computer:

  • Facilitated: Live or recorded webinars and eWorkshops facilitated by a WIDA Professional Learning Specialist to a selection of educators
  • Self-paced: On-demand, interactive learning opportunities available via the WIDA eLearning Center in the Secure Portal

Our Professional Learning team partners with your education agency to provide the eWorkshop selections indicated in the map below.

2020-21 Offerings by Member/State

purple legend marker for self-paced only states Self-paced and Facilitated eWorkshops (see Self-Paced eWorkshops listing)

green legend marker for facilitated workshops only states Facilitated eWorkshops Only (see your Member/State page via the map below)