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Connect your school to the WIDA comprehensive system of English language development support 

As a benefit of your membership in the International School Consortium, you gain access to the WIDA Standards and Assessment System. This system includes research-based standards for English language development in international contexts. International School Consortium members have access to assessments such as WIDA MODEL (an interim or summative assessment) and WIDA Screener (for determining English language proficiency in new students).

International schools have found that the alignment between WIDA assessments and instructional resources support a collaborative approach to integrating language and content learning. This approach includes co-planning, co-teaching and co-assessing.

You may apply for membership at any time.

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  • Assessment Tools: Exclusive access to WIDA assessment tools and technical support services: only member schools may purchase WIDA Screener and WIDA MODEL. New member schools receive five WIDA MODEL online assessments as part of their membership package.
  • Online Resources: Access to a library of resources such as recorded webinars, PowerPoint slides and other instructional support materials.
  • Exclusive Professional Learning Opportunities: Schools must be members of the WIDA International School Consortium in order to participate in some workshops and the WIDA Global Community of Practice.
  • Member Pricing: Members receive a significant discount on any resources in the WIDA Store. School groups may also be eligible for discounted membership fees when multiple schools join as a group.

Join the International School Consortium to discover what your multilingual learners can do.

Connections & Leadership

  • Global Networking: WIDA helps develop programs and practices that support teaching and learning for multilingual students. Educators share innovative practices and build a shared knowledge base across the WIDA network.
  • International Standards: WIDA resources are used in approximately 500 independent, international schools worldwide, providing common assessment tools and proficiency standards which support student mobility.
  • Research Community: Member schools are the first to learn about the latest research in teaching multilingual students. WIDA is part of the globally ranked School of Education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, providing access to thought leaders in the field as well as research opportunities for member schools.
  • Mark of Distinction:  Celebrate your school’s commitment to multilingual learners and what they can do. Display the WIDA logo to signal to potential families and other educators your partnership with a leader in research, design and implementation of high-quality resources and assessments.  
  • Cohesion for School Groups: WIDA supports common operations, policies and data collection across individual schools within a foundation or educational group. It aligns teaching and learning with common assessment tools and shared asset-based approaches.
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Need a Grade 1-12 Screener?

Check out WIDA’s newest assessment for identifying ELLs – WIDA Screener Paper.

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Need an English Language Proficiency Assessment?

WIDA MODEL is a flexible, on-demand suite of English language proficiency assessments for Kindergarten through grade 12.

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WIDA International Newsletter

Read about the latest research, program updates and global professional learning opportunities from WIDA as well as news from our member schools.

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WIDA International Professional Learning

WIDA offers a variety of professional learning opportunities to support educators of multilingual learners.