line drawing of lightbulb shiningAnnouncement: The WIDA International School Consortium will be transitioning to a new Multilingual Learning Research Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in July 2023.

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Connect your school to the WIDA comprehensive system of English language development support

WIDA provides international and independent schools with a trusted, comprehensive approach to teaching, assessing and supporting multilingual learners. The WIDA International School Consortium is a global network of approximately 500 accredited PreK-12 independent schools focused on educating multilingual learners.

“Most people think ‘WIDA’ refers to only a test and haven’t been exposed to the full use for planning, goal setting, conferencing with parents and academic instruction for ELLs. That’s where we have seen the true value: using WIDA as a system to support teaching and learning.” – English as an Additional Language Program Coordinator, South America

Accredited PreK-12 schools may apply for membership at any time. Continue reading about the benefits of membership, or skip to the application steps.

Why join WIDA?

Members of the WIDA International School Consortium are part of a global network committed to innovation and equity in serving multilingual learners. WIDA schools have access to our leading educational tools, assessments and professional development opportunities.

line drawing of screwdriver and wrenchResources

ELD Standards Framework: an English language development framework aligned with international content standards to support student achievement and mobility

Classroom Resources: a library of instructional planning supports, focus bulletins, research publications and internationally-focused resources

Professional Support: dedicated client services experts who are available to answer questions via phone or email

WIDA All Year Long: a tool that allows members to learn how to use WIDA resources as a system and integrate language and content learning to build on what multilingual learners can do

International Newsletter: a monthly, web-based newsletter that shares events, research and opportunities within WIDA and our international member schools

line drawing icon of a set of connected circles with a globe at centerConnections and Leadership

Professional Learning: WIDA professional learning helps educators to get started, go deeper and build capacity while connecting with educators in the global community.

A Global Network: Member schools can share innovative practices and build a shared knowledge base across the WIDA network.

Cohesive System: WIDA supports common operations, policies and data collection across policy and programs for multilingual learners in K-12 schools and across multiple campuses.

Research Community: WIDA is part of the globally-ranked School of Education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Member schools are the first to learn about the latest research in teaching multilingual students.

line drawing icon of a set of a mountain range topped with a flagMember Benefits

WIDA Assessments: Once you become a member, you can purchase WIDA MODEL and WIDA Screener Paper. As a new member, you'll also get five free WIDA MODEL Online test sessions to use with your students.

Member Pricing: Receive significant discounts on resources in the WIDA Store, including member discounts on WIDA assessments.

Exclusive Learning Opportunities: WIDA offers in-depth members-only webinars and workshops as well as the Deep Dive webinars. See the Professional Learning page.

International Secure Portal: A members-only hub for assessment training, professional learning videos and instructional resources.

Mark of Distinction: Member schools display the WIDA logo to signal their commitment to multilingual learners and partnership with a leader in research, design and implementation of high-quality resources and assessments.

Showcase your School: Member schools can become a WIDA Focus School and showcase innovation at your school and recognize your program within the global community.

Join WIDA to Assess, Teach and Grow

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Follow these two easy steps to join the WIDA International School Consortium.

1. Complete the free membership application.

2. Upon acceptance, complete the membership documentation.

Apply for Membership

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WIDA offers a comprehensive suite of assessments grounded in the WIDA ELD Standards Framework and supported by research. Members are able to use WIDA Screener and WIDA MODEL to determine proficiency levels in reading, writing, speaking and listening.

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WIDA resources support a systemic approach to integrating language and content learning by connecting assessment, planning, instruction and reflection — building on what multilingual learners can do.

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WIDA offers opportunities for educators to attend global events, network with other international educators and build school-wide systems. Professional learning opportunities include WIDA institutes, workshops and webinars.