WIDA Early Years Partnerships

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Customized support for educators and practitioners serving multilingual children

WIDA Early Years is a program focused specifically on the language development of multilingual children, ages 2.5-5.5 years, in early care and education (ECE) settings.

Multilingual children are among the fastest growing populations of children ages birth to eight. Their language learning and development experiences, both at home and in ECE settings, are critical for their future success in K-12 systems.

What We Offer

  • Early Language Development Standards, available for English and Spanish, that are grounded in the WIDA Standards Framework and correspond to states’ early learning standards
  • Professional learning opportunities designed for ECE practitioners, coaches and leaders
  • Resources that promote language-focused family engagement

Early Years Partnerships help state education agencies provide support to their ECE workforce that serve multilingual children and their families. Our partnerships help state education agencies in the following ways:

  • Integrating WIDA Early Language Development Standards with state early learning standards
  • Identifying professional learning needs from ECE programs and agencies that serve multilingual children
  • Planning for a systematic roll-out of WIDA Early Years resources and professional learning
  • Providing high-quality professional learning opportunities

Early Years Partners

Early Years has partnered with more than 10 states to provide support to ECE communities that serve multilingual children and their families.

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    Resources for Educators and Practitioners

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    Instructional and program practices for supporting language development and engaging with families
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    Can Do Descriptors that highlight what multilingual children can do
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    The Resource Library has many more resources for ECE practitioners and teachers.
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    Early Language Development

    Understanding the special language development needs of young multilingual children.

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    Early Years Professional Learning

    Learning opportunities for early care and education (ECE) practitioners, coaches and program leaders.

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    Family Engagement

    Resources, including webinars and parent handouts, to help educators engage with families to support multilingual learner success.

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    Additional Resources

    Visit the Resource Library for a complete list of materials related to early language development.