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WIDA Can Do Philosophy: What Does it Mean in Practice?

August 8, 2023

The Can Do Philosophy focuses on what multilingual learners can do and recognizes that students from diverse linguistic, cultural and experiential backgrounds bring a unique set of assets that have the potential to enrich the experiences of all learners and educators. Explore how the Can Do Philosophy is present throughout WIDA’s practices – in educator learning, in assessment and in communication about student progress.

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Back to school 2023–24: Assess, teach, grow with WIDA

August 7, 2023

Want a quick synopsis of what you need to know to assess, teach and grow with WIDA this school year? Check out this back-to-school guide!

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What to know: WIDA assessments in 2023-24 school year

August 3, 2023

Learn about what’s new in 2023-24 with WIDA Screener, ACCESS for ELLs and WIDA MODEL. Plus, we tell you what you can do to make sure testing counts and how to stay in the know about all things WIDA.

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Speech and language expert shares tools, ideas for multilingual learners who use AAC

July 17, 2023

Anne Page, a speech and language professional and expert in augmentative and alternative communication (AAC), joined the Advancing ALTELLA team to demo some of her go-to tools and share creative ideas that help multilingual learners who use AAC. Read this interview between Anne and Shea Head, WIDA inclusion researcher, to get insights and tips for how to best support multilingual learners who use AAC.

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Living out the WIDA value of service

July 11, 2023

Here are some ways that WIDA endeavors to live out the value of service to multilingual learners and families and to the educators who support their engagement, belonging and success every day in their learning communities.

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From grant to global impact: WIDA’s journey over two decades

July 7, 2023

WIDA turns 20 years old this year. Read about how WIDA grew from the early days as a grant funded startup to the large-scale consortium it is today and see where the organization is hoping to go in the next two decades.

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WIDA International School Consortium has transitioned to new Multilingual Learning Research Center at University of Wisconsin–Madison

July 5, 2023

The Multilingual Learning Research Center (MLRC) includes a new membership-based global research-practice network called the MLRC School Network. Learn more about the transition, the MLRC School Network, and understand what WIDA resources and tools are still available to independent and/or international schools.

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Bringing WIDA’s values to life through collaborative mural

June 22, 2023

WIDA staff worked with a local artist in 2022 to paint a mural that represents WIDA’s values and beliefs. Muralist Rodrigo Carapia helped staff create a mural that now welcomes visitors to the physical WIDA space and to the website. Read more about how it came to be and what it represents.

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Conversations with Tim: How collaboration serves multilingual students living with significant cognitive disabilities

June 8, 2023

In this edition of Conversations with Tim, Tim talks to Madison Leech and Erika Hall. Together, they discuss working with and how to best serve multilingual learners living with significant cognitive disabilities. 

Listening option: Listen to the audio here or click “Read more” to continue reading.

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20 years of innovation: WIDA's advances in Standards, Assessments and Inclusion

June 6, 2023

Innovation is one of WIDA’s five organizational values, along with service, the Can Do Philosophy, collaboration and social justice. In honor of WIDA’s 20th anniversary, it’s time to take a look at some recent exciting innovations in the areas of standards, assessments and inclusion.

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