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Family Engagement

Our goal in this WIDA Focus Bulletin is to raise awareness of the need for family engagement practices that take into consideration students’ academic achievement and language development. This is why we chose to write this bulletin for a dual audience—families and educators. We encourage teams of families and educators to use this resource as a tool to support their local family engagement practices.

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Language-Focused Family Engagement

This WIDA Focus Bulletin introduces readers to the four pillars of Language-Focused Family Engagement and provides tools to help educators examine their local family engagement practices.​

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Promoting Equity for Young Multilingual Children and Their Families

This Focus Bulletin invites early care and education (ECE) educators to promote equity for young multilingual children and their families. In the bulletin, we offer ideas for taking a language-focused approach to equitable caregiving and instructional practice in ECE settings. Also, we highlight voices from the field, and offer reflection questions to help you consider what it means to promote equity for multilingual children and their families.

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The Early Years: Assets-Based, Language-Focused Family Engagement for Dual Language Learners

This WIDA Focus Bulletin explores multiple ways to effectively engage families of DLLs in their children’s linguistic and cultural development.

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