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WIDA's diverse staff hail from around the world to around the corner. A number of our researchers and developers are nationally known experts in the fields of language development, education policy and psychometrics. Many of our professional staff are former teachers themselves, or have personal or career backgrounds in language arts or linguistics. What all WIDA staff have in common is a shared commitment to social justice for linguistically and culturally diverse children.

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Picture of Fernanda Kray

Fernanda Kray

State Relations Specialist
(401) 226-7619
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Picture of Jessica Davis

Jessica Davis

Client Relations Specialist
(608) 265-5077
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Picture of Jonathan Gibson

Jonathan Gibson

Director of Consortium and State Relations
(385) 201-9414
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Picture of Karina Cortes Hudack

Karina Cortes Hudack

State Relations Early Years Specialist
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Picture of Kristopher Stewart

Kristopher Stewart

Assistant Director of State Relations
(608) 263-4046
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Picture of Sabrina Read

Sabrina Read

Florida ACCESS Manager
(850) 245-0843
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Picture of Samuel Aguirre

Samuel Aguirre

Director of WIDA Español/Assistant Director of Consortium Relations
(608) 262-1493
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Picture of Shannon DeWitt

Shannon DeWitt

WIDA Administrative Coordinator
(608) 262-9175
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Professional Learning

Picture of Alisa Rhoads

Alisa Rhoads

Professional Learning Specialist
(843) 540-2427
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Picture of Amy Faust Fraser

Amy Faust Fraser

WIDA Professional Learning Specialist
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