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In addition to hosting the WIDA Annual Conference, WIDA staff participate in many other regional, national and international conferences throughout the year.

WIDA representation at in-person national conferences is currently on hold until further instructions on travel are announced by the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Updated in-person conference exhibit and participation information will be posted when available.

WIDA @ National Conferences

As keynote speakers, presenters, exhibit booth staff, or attendees, WIDA staff attend conferences to connect with educators. We do so to share research, best practices, and other insights, and especially to answer your questions and listen to feedback.

Look for us at these upcoming conferences:

MELEd - Nov 2021

Minnesota English Learner Education Conference
November 19-20, 2021
Saint Paul, Minnesota 

The Development of Alternate Can Do Descriptors for ELs with the Most Significant Cognitive Disabilities
Laurene Christensen, James Mitchell, and Kristen Burton

An Analysis of Home Language Surveys across U.S. States and Entities 
Laurene Christensen, James Mitchell, Delis Cuéllar, and Desiree Taylor 

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LRA - Dec 2021

Literacy Research Association (LRA) Annual Conference
December 1-4, 2021
Atlanta, Georgia

Multimodal pedagogy, Critical Dialogical Genre-Based Pedagogy, and Positioning Analysis: Pedagogies to Disrupt Literacy Research and Teacher Education 
Matthew Deroo (University of Miami), Fernanda Marinho Kray (WIDA), Cindy Lundgren (WIDA), Christine M. Leader (Boston University), Christina Dobbs (Boston University)  

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Impact - Dec 2021

Impact Conference
December 6-9, 2021
Virtual Event

The Intersection of Instruction and Assessment: Where do Multiple Languages Fit? 
Margo Gottlieb 

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ASTE - Jan 2022

Association for Science Teacher Education 2022 International Conference
January 5-8, 2022
Greenville, South Carolina

Reimagining Bilingual Education with Marco ALE, A Spanish Language Arts Framework 
Rita MacDonald (WIDA) and David Crowther (University of Nevada-Reno)  

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NABE - Feb 2022

National Association of Bilingual Education Conference
February 7-10, 2022
New York, New York

Bringing Equity to the Forefront Through Big Ideas for Language Development  
Margo Gottlieb and Fernanda Marinho Kray

Beyond Crises: Where’s the Equity? 
Margot Gottlieb (WIDA), Debbie Zacarian (Zacarian & Associates) and Margarita Calderón (Johns Hopkins University) 

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ESEA - Feb 2022

2022 National ESEA Conference
February 16-19, 2022
Hybrid Event / New Orleans, Louisiana

Reimagining Bilingual Education with Marco ALE, A Spanish Language Arts Framework 
Samuel Aguirre (WIDA), Mariana Castro (WCER), and Margo Gottlieb (WIDA)

Leveraging ELD Standards: Re-envisioning Equitable Systems for Multilingual Learners
Fernanda Marinho Kray and Margo Gottlieb

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AAAL - Mar 2022

American Association for Applied Linguistics 2022 Conference 
March 19-22, 2022
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  

An Analysis of Home Language Survey Questions to Identify English Learners for Services 
Laurene Christensen, James Mitchell, Delis Cuéllar, and Desiree Taylor 

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TESOL - Mar 2022

TESOL 2022: International Convention & English Langauge Expo
March 22-25, 2022
Hybrid Conference / Pittsburgh, PA

Data Informed Programming for Secondary ELs with Limited Formal Education 
Terri Mossgrove 

Multilingual Learners with Other Than Formalized Learning Experiences 
Terri Mossgrove 

Supporting the Language Development of ELs with Significant Cognitive Disabilities   
Laurene Christensen, Kristen Burton, and James Mitchell 

Equity in Assessment: Considerations for Accessibility in English Language Proficiency Assessment Design 
Laurene Christensen and James Mitchell 

The Impact of Certification on Teachers and Student Outcomes 
Annela Temmant (IUPUI - Indiana University and Purdue University), Trish Morita- Mullaney (Purdue University), and Diep Nguyen (WIDA)

Making Science Multilingual: Scaffolding for Equitable Engagement in Science   
Rita MacDonald (WIDA) and David Crowther (University of Nevada-Reno) 

Renewing Purpose and Responsibility with the WIDA ELD Standards Framework 
Margo Gottlieb and Fernanda Kray 

Equity for Multilingual Learners: Strategies for Assessment in Multiple Languages 
Margo Gottlieb 

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WIDA @ International Conferences

WIDA supports global and regional conferences with keynote speakers, workshop presentations and sponsorships. Join us at a future conference to connect with WIDA while expanding your network.

Education Across Frontiers - July 2022

EAF (Education Across Frontiers)
July 8-11, 2022
London, UK

How do we build capacity for all teachers to serve all learners and create a culture of inclusion in order to support both multilingualism and neurodiversity in international schools?
Jon Nordmeyer (WIDA) and Kristel Solomon-Saleem (NFI)

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