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Resources and professional learning for educators supporting Spanish language instruction for bi/multilingual learners

WIDA Español offers educators who teach academic content and language development in Spanish a comprehensive system for supporting instruction and assessment. The resources and components of WIDA Español are flexible and work alongside existing content curriculum, structures and initiatives in schools. They also align to the WIDA English language development system or other English language development standards.

Connection and Growth

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Exchange ideas, share resources and engage in discussion with fellow educators working with bi/multilingual learners.

Enseñando en español Facebook Group

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WIDA Español provides professional learning opportunities for educators working with Spanish language programs.

WIDA Español Professional Learning

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Catch the WIDA Español team at a variety of conferences across the country and around the world throughout the year.

WIDA @ Conferences

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Get resources in Spanish for science teachers developed by the Making Science Multilingual team.

Doing and Talking Math and Science Resources

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The WIDA Marco ALE presents the foundational elements of language arts to inform the design of standards and instruction in Spanish for grades K-12.

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The WIDA Spanish Language Development (SLD) Standards describe expectations for Spanish language learners along the language development continuum.

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Learn about WIDA's comprehensive system for supporting educators who teach academic content and language development in Spanish.

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View additional Spanish language tools and resources.

Practical, Research-Based Publications for Educators

Translanguaging: Teaching at the Intersection of Language and Social Justice
Educación en el mundo actual: equity in bilingual settings
Multiliteracies: A Glimpse into Language Arts Bilingual Classrooms