WIDA Español

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Resources for educators supporting Spanish language development in multilingual learners

WIDA recognizes the need for quality bilingual education that includes strong Spanish language instruction and assessment for multilingual students. WIDA Español offers educators who teach academic content in Spanish a comprehensive system for supporting such instruction and assessment. This system allows educators the opportunity to focus on emergent multilingual students' full range of language skills.

The resources and components of WIDA Español are flexible enough to work alongside existing content curriculum, structures and initiatives in schools, and align to the WIDA ELD system or other English language development standards.

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Spanish Language Development Standards

Expectations for Spanish language learners along the language development continuum.

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Recursos en español

Recursos adicionales relacionados con el desarrollo del lenguaje para la  instrucción en español.

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WIDA Español Professional Learning

Explore a variety of workshops related to language development in Spanish for educators working with multilingual learners