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WIDA's Featured Educator is a monthly feature article that highlights classroom, district, or state-level educators who are making a difference in the lives of multilingual learners. Nominate an outstanding colleague today!

WIDA News March 2020

The March 2020 edition of WIDA News includes an announcement about the WIDA Annual Conference, an interview with March Featured Educators, an article about recent research by Making Science Multilingual, and more. 

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March 2020 Featured Educators: Jenna, Kelly, Shelley

This month, WIDA features three exceptional educators, Kelly Ebbesen, Jenna Putz and Shelley Sorenson, who teach in Arcadia, Wisconsin. All three educators teach English learners and have been teaching for a total of 28 years.

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WIDA News February 2020

The February 2020 edition of WIDA News includes an interview with February's Featured Educator, a news release about a $4 million U.S. Department of Education grant recently received by WIDA, an update on the WIDA ELD Standards 2020 Edition, and information on the WIDA School Improvement System. 


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February 2020 Featured Educator: Anna Levy

Anna Levy is an EL teacher with Metro Nashville Public Schools in Nashville, Tennessee. Anna teaches eighth grade.

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News Release: WIDA Receives $4 Million to Support Multilingual Learners with Cognitive Disabilities

Educational tools and resources for assessing a small but important group of students, multilingual learners challenged with the most significant cognitive disabilities, now will become reality thanks to a $3.998 million U.S. Department of Education grant.

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WIDA News Extra January 2020

The January 2020 edition of WIDA News Extra includes an interview with January's Featured Educator, a last call for WIDA Conference proposals, and information about WIDA professional learning opportunities in 2020.

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January 2020 Featured Educator: Gwendolyn Quadri

Gwendolyn Quadri is an ESL specialist at West Lee Middle School in Sanford, North Carolina. Gwendolyn is in her ninth year of teaching and fifth year at West Lee.

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WIDA News January 2020

The January 2020 edition of WIDA News includes reminders about the WIDA ELD Standards public input survey and the proposal deadline for the 2020 WIDA Annual Conference.

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WIDA News December 2019

The December 2019 edition of WIDA News includes an interview with December's Featured Educator, a reminder about Standards Public Input Survey, a New Focus Bulletin on Oral Language, upcoming professional learning events and more.

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December 2019 Featured Educator: Barbara Kwan

Barbara Kwan is an ESL teacher for K-5 students at Horace Mann Elementary School in Newton, Massachusetts. Barbara has taught English language learners in Newton Public Schools for over seven years and is in her third year at Horace Mann.

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