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January 7, 2022

Browse this list of Featured Educator-recommended apps, websites and strategies that help you build students’ language skills, have fun in the classroom, collaborate with colleagues and stay connected with other educators.

Building language skills

  • Ryan Ariosa (April 2020 Featured Educator) recommends:
    • Reading Horizons for newcomers, which starts with phonics and helps develop sight words to sentence level to paragraph level
    • Read 180 for helping multilingual learners with their academic language progress — especially within the writing domain
    • Seesaw to help to track and gauge multilingual learners’ oral language development
  • HeeGyoung Song (January 2021 Featured Educator) suggests:
  • Madison Leech (June 2020 Featured Educator) proposes:
    • Flipgrid for weekly questions and responses that help get students get talking and comfortable with asking and answering questions
    • Reading A-Z for sending leveled texts home, vocabulary resources and monitoring students’ fluency as they read and create recordings of books
  • Maja Flom (July 2021 Featured Educator) likes:
    • WIDA MODEL to gather summative data in order to inform programmatic decision making
  • Barbara Smith (May 2020 Featured Educator) uses:
  • Gwendolyn Quadri (January 2020 Featured Educator) has found success using:
    • WIDA Speaking and Writing Rubrics to assess her students’ progress as they go through the stages of her blended learning centers, which includes using interactive notebooks
    • Kidblog [now, Fanschool] for writing practice
    • ELLLO for listening lessons
  • Claudia Trillo (August 2020 Featured Educator) recommends:

Having fun (while teaching and learning, of course)!

  • Nicole Maier Reitz (February 2021 Featured Educator) found success using virtual reality headsets as a way to get students to experience something new, like a first-ever roller coaster ride, and turning her office into a Spanish library
  • Laura Barry (June 2021 Featured Educator) recommends using Canva to create your own, personalized graphics
  • Claudia Trillo likes using Ticket Out the Door to make sure students understand a concept

Collaborating with colleagues, students and families

Staying connected

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Note: WIDA as an organization does not advocate for or endorse any of the non-WIDA technologies for instruction. Schools, districts and states are responsible for making choices about appropriate and applicable technologies and products.


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