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Choosing an Interim Assessment: Guidelines for Stakeholders

This document describes WIDA's viewpoint of the criteria for an assessment to be used as a valid interim English language proficiency assessment in support of the annual administration of ACCESS for ELLs.

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Using WIDA Assessments

WIDA International School Consortium members have access to WIDA assessment systems and resources. See how international schools can use WIDA MODEL and WIDA Screener as part of their systematic approach to language integration and content learning.

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Using WIDA MODEL to support instructional planning for multilingual learners

In this Focus Bulletin, we aim to help readers better understand how WIDA MODEL test scores may be used to support instructional planning decisions for multilingual learners and their teachers. We describe the rich resources available from WIDA to help educators understand what the test scores mean. We also explain how these resources may be used, along with MODEL test scores to help inform where multilingual learners have opportunities to further develop their English language skills.

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WIDA All Year Long

Learn how WIDA is more than a test! Mr. Vega is a 6th grade EAL (English as an Additional Language) teacher at an international school who works with colleagues and families to support multilingual learners. Follow Mr. Vega all year long, as he focuses on what his students can do, using WIDA resources to collaborate and plan effective learning activities throughout the school year.

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Are you looking for an interim ELP assessment to predict student performance on ACCESS for ELLs? This flyer provides information on why you should try WIDA MODEL.

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WIDA MODEL Interim Assessment

In this recorded webinar, Mark Chapman, WIDA director of test development, and Heather Elliott, assessment content specialist, discuss WIDA MODEL – a tool for measuring English language development and growth.

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WIDA MODEL Interpretive Guide for Score Reports

This guide is meant to assist stakeholders in understanding the scores reported for WIDA MODEL test takers in Kindergarten through Grade 12.

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WIDA MODEL Online 2020 Field Test Technical Report

The purpose of this technical report is to describe the 2020 content refreshment and field test of WIDA MODEL Online tests for grades 1–12.

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WIDA MODEL Speaking Rubric

Rubrics are analytic scales that describe various aspects of spoken and written language to help educators recognize what speaking and writing sound and look like at various levels of English language proficiency. Use the WIDA MODEL Speaking Rubric to understand the scores students earn on the assessment, analyze student performance in the classroom, and plan ways to scaffold language learning. WIDA MODEL test administrators use the WIDA MODEL Speaking Rubric to score the Speaking domain test for WIDA MODEL Online, WIDA MODEL Paper and WIDA MODEL for Kindergarten.

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WIDA MODEL Technical Report Grades 1-2 and 3-5

This 2012 report describes the development, validity and reliability of the WIDA MODEL assessment for Grades 1-2 and 3-5.

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